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Detailed parameters
Rated volume 1ml 2ml 3ml
Resolution 1ml 2ml 3ml
Accuracy ±1%@100% stroke
Precisioin (Repeatability) 0.3%~0.7%
Pressure rating Max. 0.3Mpa
Service life 3 million times no leakage (media: water)
Max. speed 120rpm【single side】
150rpm【double side】
Min. speed 1rpm
Actuator Eccenter
Wetted material Borosilicate glass, PTFE piston
Connection 1/4-28UNF    
Communication RS485, RS232, CAN    
Power supply DC24V/1.5A    
Operating temperature 5-55℃    
Operating humidity ≤80% RH, non-condensing
Net weight 0.8kgsingle side
2.158kgdouble side
Product size (mm)



        RPM-01 eccentric syringe pump was made of PTFE piston, borosilicate syringe, 42/57 step motor, eccentric inset, crank web, pushrod, Panasonic photosensor, other mechnical parts.

        1. Rpm-01-D 1ml 2ml 3ml syringe pump suction and dispense 1ml 2ml 3ml when motor runs 1 circle (360°) while Rpm-01-S 1ml 2ml 3ml suction and dispense 2ml, 4ml, 6ml when motor runs 1 circle (360°)
        2. Single side Rpm-01 made of one 42 step motor and 1 pump structure which needs 2pcs check valves(inlet only and outlet only) to realize liquid suction and dispense Double side Rpm-01 made of one 57 step motor and 2 pump structures which needs 4pcs check valves (inlet only and outlet only) to realize double volume liquid dispensing than single side Rpm-01 syringe pump

        Note: Do any adjustment under low working speed to protect the syringe from damage.Inset panasUnit:hotosensor helps to protect the syringe pump from collision and anti external interference.