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Detailed parameters
Model No. SR400-SN15/SN25
Motor type NMB 57 step motor
Power supply AC110-240V
Rated current 2.3A
Rate power 18.8W
Motor speed 1-400rpm
External control ON/OFF    CW/CCW    SPEED
Working environment 0~40℃
<80% RH, non-condensing
Max. DB 70dB
Net weight 3.268kg(without pump head)
Product size (mm)
Model No. Pump head Color Rollers Tube size Max. Flow Rate
SR400 SN15-3 Half-
3 14#、16#、25#、17#、18# 1793ml/min
SN15-6 6 14#、16#、25#、17# 616ml/min
SN25-3 3 15#、24# 924ml/min
SN25-6 6 15# 420ml/min
YZ1515X-3B white 3 14#、16#、25#、17#、18# 1921ml/min
YZ1515X-3H black
YZ1515X-6B white 6 14#、16#、25#、17# 1426ml/min
YZ1515X-6H black
YZ2515X-3B white 3 15#、24# 1290ml/min
YZ2515X-3H black
YZ2515X-6B white 6 15# 440ml/min
YZ2515X-6H black


The most advantage of peristaltic pump is that liquid only go through (touch) peristaltic tubing so that there is no cross contamination between pump and liquid, so peristaltic pump is the best choice for transfer corrosive liquid, users only need to replace a new tubing when dosing another type of liquid or cleaning, which save a lot of time on disassembly and maintenance


Before selecting a suitable peristaltic pump, you should be clear about what liquid to dose, flow rate required, bench-top type or component type, motor type, controller, tubing type and size, mounting space and direction.

Peristaltic pump is widely used for liquid distribution, sampling, metering, filtration, fermentation in the industries of pharmaceuticals, chemistry, laboratory research, water treatment, food and beverage processing, agriculture, medicine, environment.