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Flangeless fittings benefit a lot for low pressure (up to 0.8Mpa) removable and reusable systems. RUNZE offer a variety of nut designs for wide application requirements both on mounting and functioning.

  PEEK flangeless nut come with ETFE ferrule
  Compatible with flat bottom receiving port
  Finger-tight convenience, no wrenches required
  Flangeless ferrules provide a leak-proof seal, users no need to spend time flanging tubing
  Used for standard rigid tubing OD3.2mm

Application Note

Before connecting fittings, ensure the end of tubing has a clean, square, burr-free cut. This is very important, as the square cut helps the tubing make full contact with the bottom of matching port. Neglecting to properly cut the tubing could lead to dead volume, resulting in peak distortion such as fronting, tailing or broadening.

Step 1.  Slide the nut, followed by the ferrule, at least 3/16” (4.7625mm) from the end of clean cut tubing
Step 2.  Insert the assembly into the receiving port, pushing the tubing into the port until it bottoms out
Step 3.  Finger tighten the fittings into the port until snug
Step 4.  After several uses (especially at high pressure) the ferrules should be replaced